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Its About Us

its About Me

its about we

Here I am in poetry first and foremost, my name’s Emeka
same phonetics as Rebecca
Though I’m far from female
I do like attention to detail
I’m a great believer in timing every day we are climbing
to enrich life and make it fuller
which inspired me to start True Colours
to stand out from the crowd
to be who you are and be proud
promoting unity on the whole
looking good is our goal
with an eye-catching logo and some good looking photos
we want to shift the status quo
and make a statement so it will stick in your mind
to be kind
treat others as you would like
I believe in equal rights I believe we're all equal right
this label is not about selling to anyone we can
it’s about sending a message of being civil to your fellow man
woman and child so why not do it in style
quality clothing with a slogan so,
when you get one you are chosen
to represent you, but embrace others
just like you would your sisters and brothers
I'm a performer of the spoken word
not a conformer for token words
if you want you can listen to me on SoundCloud
I’ve got a deep voice so turn me down if I sound loud
I’m not one to be all cliché I’m not one to listen to he say or she says
I’m a great believer in proof
I’m a great believer in truth
family, food, football, music and clothes are my main love
i aspire to keep my mane up
despite not making football pro
I decided to give education a go
I did have a great time at uni
got a degree and had fun playing with boobies
now here I am years down the line with an amazing clothing line
fulfilling a daydream
now it’s reality though it may seem
like it’s not real at times
but it is and its mine
of which I’m really proud
I can be really loud
when it comes to my passion
I’m meticulous when it comes to fashion
always want to be slightly different
so that became part of my influence
as well as a message that we are one
I want days of segregation gone
whilst celebrating our uniqueness
show your true colours with meekness
I say don't be afraid to be yourself
don't be afraid to free yourself
of society's shackles, of conformity
society can't depict what you're born to be
at school, I was verbally bullied until I confronted them,
they quickly scurried it took a while to feel comfortable in my own skin
until I realized happiness comes from within
yes, this is
about me
its about we
it's about us
it’s about you
if you don't know your worth you're about to
I believe we are no better or worse than others
That's why our slogan is “show your true colors”
it’s not a Black, Asian, Arab or White think
it’s a unite thing
to embrace differences and do the right thing
like sisters and brothers
Show Your True Colours.

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